(2014)Literacy- ANZAC snapshots

Here are a few sentences from our class from the point of view of a soldier in a trench during war.  Six children were lucky enough to read their passage out at assembly in front of the whole school.  I wish there was enough time to let everybody share as they were all amazing. 

I was lonely and terrified.  I could see people having their last moments.  I don’t think I will get out of here alive.  I could hear people screaming before they died, bombs exploding and guns being shot.  It was so smelly in the trench.  I could smell dead bodies, flesh, rats and sweat.  I was scared that I would die in this horrible place.  Eric

I am under the burning sun.  I see people dying and I am really scared.  This battle is tense, I don’t know if I will survive.  If I don’t, please tell my family I love them.  William

As I am sitting in this dark and fearful place I wonder how am I going to survive? All of my friends are slowly rotting.  A loud noise interrupts all of my thoughts.  I pick up my heavy gun and slowly climb out of the big trench.  Sienna

The wind was howling and the trench was filled with bodies.  I could hear rats scampering all over the place and the smell of gun fire filled my nostrils.  I was anxious to know if I would ever see my family again, tears rolled down my face. Aleisha

Bombs were going off and the stench of bodies filled my nose as I slept in the trench.  I wake and start firing but because my body has been shot and that I haven’t seen my family I feel that I’m in a deep dark place where I am alone. Sean

I was anxious.  Bombs were dropping, guns were firing, people were screaming as they died.  Phillip

I see rats trying to nibble at my feet but I just went on.  The smell of sweat dripping down my face made me want to faint.  I almost surrender but I kept on in there and fought for my country.  Paris

I was crying because my best friend was dying at my feet, it was so sad just seeing them die.  Then a gun nearly shot me, I was so lucky.  I can hear explosions and screaming planes overhead.  I felt so sorry for those people who were dying.  I think that I might not make it out alive.  Jade

The guns are distracting me from thinking about my family.  I can’t help but think how sad they will be if I die.  BANG, a bomb just hit my friend, I need to help him.  I’m getting tired, I want to stop fighting but I’m too angry.  I keep telling myself ‘It’s for my country’. Eleanor

BANG! Guns were being fired in all directions.  The hot dusty wind hit my face.  I looked around, all I could see was a pool of dead bodies.  Rotting flesh filled my nostrils.  I felt so weak I could barely carry my gun.  I wondered, wondered if I could see my family, because I know some people won’t, I could see the blood trickling down my friends pants.  I heard my friend’s last breath.  Jude

I was terrified of all those guns.  Bang! My friend got shot, his poor family.  The dead rotten bodies surrounded me and I start to feel sick.  I was lonely, my family was in another country and my friends had all died.  The enemies looked scary and were furious.  There was a pool of blood and dead bodies in front of me.  My life was in danger.  Lidia

I’ve got butterflies in my stomach as mice crawl over my feet.  I think ‘What’s worse, getting killed and my family don’t know, being lonely and upset, or losing the war? Tiara

The sound of the bomb explosions sickened me.  In a pool of dead bodies I stood, the smell was putrid.  Guns are firing from all directions and one by one my friends are being gunned down.  Madison

I was thinking about my family all the time.  BANG! Bombs were blowing up right next to me.  My best friend had just died.  What am I going to do? I know I have to fight for my life.  I can smell smoke all around me.  Everyone ran back to the trench.  Anastasia

I see my friend dying beside me.  I am angry so I get my gun out and start shooting.  I hear people suffocating and dying.  I smell rotten flesh in the wind.  I feel lonely when my friends hit the floor one by one.  I miss my family a lot so I take my card out and have a look at my family.  When I look at my card it makes me angry because I don’t see my family anymore.  Talia

I am a soldier in the war, fighting for my country and my best friend just spoke his last word.  I am worried that if I die I will never see my family again.  This war is so intense and I am angry at my enemies and I am hungry for revenge.  At night I was trying to sleep but the enemy wouldn’t give up, so I got out there and gave it all I had.  Josh

Dead bodies surrounded me, one by one soldiers were getting gunned down.  There was the sound of guns firing, bombs exploding and people screaming and dying.  I was exhausted.  I could barely carry my rifle.  Was I going to make it out of this war?  I saw my enemies crying over the dead bodies of their friends we had killed.  One half of me wanted to stop, it’s not right killing other people, but the other half of me was saying, it’s for your country, keep going.  Adrian P

I could see dead bodies around me, then my friend died.  I was shattered, it was as if my mum had just died.   Then I stepped on a landmine and I was in so much pain.  I knew I had taken my last breath but I was happy with what I accomplished.  Luca

BANG! Bombs were exploding and guns were firing.  Sweat was pouring down.  I was so weak that I couldn’t pick up my gun.  Justin G

The bombs exploded around me, I am so terrified.  Not a friend to lead the way.  No family to help assist me. Alexis

I was so weak that I could not hold one more gun.  I felt so sad and scared that I would not see my family ever again.  I saw my friends being shot and I wanted revenge.  I heard bombs exploding everywhere and knew people were being killed.  BANG! I was in a dark and fearful place.  Adrian S

I can see people dying.  My enemies were more and more close to us.  The sound of my enemies reloading their guns terrified me.  I was so tired that I couldn’t hold my gun so I couldn’t protect myself.  Our enemies outnumbered us and we were low on defence.  We were surrounded by planes and ships sending soldiers on our land.  My friend died and I was angry.  It was time for revenge. Michael

I am in the war screaming, crying and yelling as all of my friends start dying.  I keep stepping in puddles of blood.  I keep seeing people explode.  It makes me feel sick.  I couldn’t see any of my friends.  Anjelica

The terrifying screams of soldiers scared me.  Planes dropping bombs surrounded me.  The gun fire roared like thunder.  I witnessed my friends getting stabbed with bayonets right in front of my eyes.  Patrick

I can smell dead bodies through my nostrils.  Bombs were exploding all around while my friend dies in front of me.  I hear people screaming and shouting for their friends to be alive and I feel sad for my enemies that died too. Leah

I am in the war and I hear soldiers dying.  I am scared as I step through puddles of blood.  Luke

Bang! Bullets were flying in all directions.  What was I going to do? Rotten flesh fills my nostrils.  The smell was putrid.  I could feel the mud squelching against my feet.  I could feel a rat scampering past my feet.  I tool a peek out of the trench.  My friend was about to throw his grenade.  Sand bags blocked our view but I could see the moment when my best friend was shot.  My blood boiled with fury.  My friend took his last breath before he died.  Another of my friends had just stepped on a mine.  I was so anxious to find out if I would make it out alive. Andrew

27 thoughts on “(2014)Literacy- ANZAC snapshots

  1. Wowwww! What excellent Snapshot writing! I was blown away by the great images in every single piece. Congratulations everyone in 3/4A and Miss Abdilla! This is a great effort. I have copied all of these to display at the Prep information night next Wednesday!
    Mrs. Dragonetti

  2. Such wonderful writing! Thank you for sharing these emotionally- descriptive pieces. I will share them with my 3/4KW this week. Keep on writing!

  3. Dear 3/4A,
    I read your ANZAC snapshots and I was very impressed! You have all been working so hard in Writing this year! Well done.
    From Mrs Brewer

  4. Dear Miss Abdilla,
    I love the ANZAC snapshot. So i was thinking if we can, do another snapshot about something else?
    From Talia

  5. To: 3/4A,
    The ANZAC snapshot writing is awesome! There was lots and lots of powerful sentences.

    From Alexis.

  6. Hi miss abdilla. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you. Anyway, I promised that I would message you, so here I am typing this post… Anyway, how has it been? I hope I see you one day.

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