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Here is Luke with his published book titled Captain Isaac’s Adventure.  He worked very hard writing and illustrating his story.  Well done Luke



Captions for photos.

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A persuasive piece by Sean

Is soccer better than footy? Yes it is. Football and soccer are very alike such as, they both can be played in the rain, you can make friends, good for our leg muscles, keeps us fit and it is seen on television. But I believe soccer is better.

Firstly, in soccer you can compete internationally and so therefore you can travel to more places. But football you just travel in Australia. Also in soccer you have the world cup but in footy you don’t.

Secondly soccer is less physical as it does not involve high tackles and football does. This means you are less likely to get injured.

Finally soccer is better because it is a shorter game and therefore you have more time to do other fun activities.

Surely because of these reasons you should believe that soccer is better than football.


JADE – (recount) It was a hot sunny day.  My icy-pole was dripping down my arm while I was walking on the beach.  I could feel the sand in between my toes.  Then I unpacked my beach bag and put my umbrella up and put my towel on the hot burning sand.  After that I jumped in the cold refreshing water.  It was a perfect day to go to the beach because the water was perfect and it was packed!  When I got out of the water I dried myself and built a sandcastle.  I was starving so I had lunch.  After lunch I went to the pier and I saw my friend Sky.  We jumped off together SPLASH!  Sky and I talked and talked it was so much fun.  We went in the water together and found shells.  When we got home we painted the shells then Sky left and said good bye.

JADE (persuasive) I believe that short hair is better than long hair.  Firstly, there is less to comb, it saves more time in the morning when you get ready for school and work.  Secondly, short hair does not get as knotty or tangled as long hair.  When the wind blows, it tosses long hair around even more.  Finally, you use less shampoo and conditioner, so you save more money.  That’s why I think short hair is better than long hair.

Well done Jade for doing some writing over the long weekend.  It’s great to see students taking the initiative to do extra writing in their spare time to help them get ahead.  Practice makes perfect, and every single time you write you become better at it and it gets a little bit easier too.  So keep at it!  – Miss Abdilla


THE BOX – Students in 3/4A used a picture of a box as a writing stimulus. They were limited to 1 page of writing to try and condense their story.  This is first draft only.   So many imaginative ideas!

JONATHAN – I dig my hands in the soil.  Josh continued playing Minecraft as I dug.  I was in my garden digging to make a time capsule as Josh was on his laptop.  I felt something hard.  I pulled the box out as I was eager to see.  it looked like it had been carefully secured as some chains hung from it.  They were broken and there was a rusted lock on there.  I exclaimed “Look Josh, I found a box with broken chains hanging from the side with a rusted lock!”.  Josh said “I don’t believe you” as he continued staring at the screen.  I explored the garden myself until I found a key.  I tried to open the box and soon enough it opened.  I found a map.  It led me to my veranda.  I heard the laptop shut down as Josh followed me.  I found a camouflaged button and pressed it.  Suddenly, a secret passage opened and led me down.  I slowly went down the creaky stairs.  It looked like it was our basement.  I had never been there.  I found a hidden chest.  It was stuffed under a pile of rubber ducks.  I found it chained so I searched for a key.  I had an idea and opened it with the key I had already found.  Inside was a gold nugget.  I sold it and Josh and I celebrated.

LUKE – The wombat from sunny South Africa found a secret gold box.  The wombat saw that the box was moving swiftly from side to side.  He couldn’t catch the box so he quickly jumped on it.  Out came  a little cute possum.  So the possum and the wombat became best friends forever.

ANASTASIA – Once upon a time there was a box and no one touched the box because they were too scared.  People told stories about the box like ‘you’ll disappear’ or ‘you’ll go to the olden days’.  One day someone was forced to touch the box, so he did, but nothing happened.  So he touched the box again, but still nothing happened.  He touched it one more time just to make sure but he disappeared like the stories.  He went to a planet and he had nothing to do, he was crying.  Then he saw another box and he though that it might take him back home.  So he touched it but nothing happened.  So he decided to open it and so he did.  There was a portal inside and it looked like home so he went in the portal and he got home at last.  He was so happy he didn’t know what to do first.  He could play with his friends, or go to the park, he just didn’t know what to do.

JOSH – One day in the Royal Castle, Sir Joshy MC14 was told to bring the King something from the magical lake so he went and got something.  He had got a box, he was tempted to open it so he opened it and it was…..a magic portal to somewhere.  He was in a vortex to the far future.  When he got there all was quiet but then 10 million zombies started chasing him.  But he just got out his titanium sword and started killing them but there was too many so he ran away.  He found a tower that had a zombie with a big brain in it.  He killed the zombie and he exploded and left all goo everywhere.  He looked around and saw the box, so he picked it up and he went back to Medieval times.  He destroyed the box and got some gold to give to the King.

ANJELICA – There lived a little boy and a little girl.  They walked into a dark and dreadful place.  They accidentally put their foot on the wrong spot and it landed on a box. The little kids opended the box and BANG they were in a different land.  It was Candy Land.  The boy and the girl were so happy they built a ginger bread house from scratch.  They wanted to live in it so they lived happily ever after in the gingerbread house!

ANDREW – Sparkling blue sea surrounded me.  The sunlight reflected through the castle window.  It was a beautiful day to go scuba diving.  I lived on an island called Woolabob.  I jumped up and down on my mother and fathers bed, their names are Bob and Anna.  Dad decided we take his old fishing boat, Bunty.  Bunty is one of the most modest fishing boats.  Dad helped me put on my diving suit.  At the bottom of the Pacific dad told me there was an old box.  I couldn’t find the exact spot for where it was hidden.  Dad gave me a compass, when the compass beeped it meant I was at the right stop.  The compass beeped! I started digging up the seabed.  When I opened the box, I found a whole heap of gems and silk, gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds just to name a few.  I thought to myself that our family would never be poor again.  From that day on, our family was like the richest family on Woolabob.  We lived happily ever after.

LIDIA – On a very rainy day there was a very strange box on the side of an Australian pond.  The pond was surrounded by gumtrees.  Then a koala named Lucy came down from her gumtree and opened the box.  All of a sudden every single person that died started to come out of the box!! Lucy thought it was only a couple of people, but it wasn’t and it wouldn’t stop.  After a couple of days it had stopped so Lucy got the box and convinced them that all of their families were inside the box.  Then they all went back into the box.

LEAH – Once upon a time there lived a King, Queen and a Princess.  The Queen always wanted to protect her daughter from danger and the King always worried if he looked good or bad.  One day the Princess went for a walk in a forest.  She walked quite far and found a box.  She opened the box and found a Prince!  The King and Queen went into the forest and found their daughter with the Prince and they decided that they should get married.  They got married in the palace and invited all of their family and friends.  They were all so happy and lived happily, ever after.

ERIC – One stormy night there was a kid called Eric.  he was cheeky, naughty, mean and a bully.  He was doing his homework when his mum said she had to leave for a while to go and do something special.  He got bored of his stupid homework “I don’t like homework!” He was very mad so he looked for something else “What’s this map?” the map had an X on it.  It was at the bottom of the basement so Eric got a shovel and set off to the basement.  It was dusty, webs everywhere, oil on the floor, dead animals and sculls on the floor.  The basement was so gross he nearly vomited.  Finally, Eric was digging and he found a box “That was a waste of time, I”ll have a look in the box and then leave.”  He opened the box and it was a portal!  It looked cool so he went in and it took him to another dimension.  What was he going to do?

JADE – Rose was on the way home from school, when it dropped her off at her house she saw a box.  She took it into her room and opened it.  She saw a portal, so she took it out of the box and called her brother. “Look there is a portal, do you want to go in?” “Yes”.  So they went in together, then they arrived.  They were in Chocolate La La Land.  Everything was made out of chocolate, the trees, the houses, the people, everything! It was amazing but the problem was they couldn’t get out.  “Oh no” said Ben.  So they went on and saw people and asked them how to leave.  “You have to do a challenge” said the person. “WHAT?” said both Rose and Ben.  “You need to search for a key, it will take you a week so I will give you money so you can buy a house to stay in.” “Thank you” said Rose.  They walked and walked and walked looking for the key.  That night they found the key at last and there was a door.  they unlocked the door and went home.  They were so proud of themselves.  After that, they threw the box out of the window and that was the end of the box.





A story written by Michael (grade 3)

story michael

story michael 2

story michael 3

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    • Hi Tiara
      What would you like to see on here? On Monday you can type your snapshot writing onto the page if you like, and we can get everyone to add a piece of their work.
      Miss Abdilla

    • Tiara – you could also write on the LITERACY page about the book The Three Little Pirates. Your group did lots of great work. You could take some photos on the ipad and upload them.

  1. I really like your Koala story Lidia. It brought back memories. I give you a huge round of applause. Lots of great detail.

  2. I can’t wait to hear about your recount on bali, Jade. By the way I think your writing pieces are amazing, Jade. You should enter a piece in Writer of the Week.

  3. Thanks Andrew yours are great too,they are very descriptive and fun to read.Your handwriting is very good aswell!
    From Jude.

  4. Hahaha,thats really funny I agree,I think more people should comment on the blog.It’s a great way to communicate.;)
    From Jude!

  5. Hi Classmates of 3/4A and Miss Abdilla,

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to speak with you all on Friday (last week) regarding poetry, ideas, imagery and creative writing. Some of the questions were thought provoking and all very intelligent!

    I loved the chance to join your class and hear the wonderfully creative poems. Some budding poets and writers in this class!

    Thanks again,

    Matilda (Anjelica’s mum) 🙂

  6. Hi Miss Abdilla,

    it is nice to see everyone writing on the blog and just to say i think that our class is doing alot of writing and putting it on the blog

    From Talia

  7. Hi hi hiii!
    If I’m able to do this please put your magical answers below me!
    What I want to do for writing is to make a snapshot for my own
    story Book series called FORGOTTEN WARRIORS so please answer

    Aleisha was here 😉

  8. Omg omg omg omg omg I’m so excited to write the snapshot because I’m really tired and I’m pretty much bored right now and I’m not sure what I could actually write ‘_’

    Reply :3

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