Reading Response Page

Read your book and respond

WALT: use our reading skills to respond to a text

WILF: (making connections, summarising and clarifying)

– Title of the book

– Use these sentence starters to comment in detail on the book

This book reminded me of… (text to self/text/world)

It was set in…

The main characters were…

-Were there any unfamiliar words? Did you find their meaning in the dictionary?







23 thoughts on “Reading Response Page

  1. The book Fun festivals, is like me because I go to festivals but it is different because I don’t celebrate other cultures festivals. This is similar to another text I have read about how we celebrate Moomba. This is similar to the world because all over the world festivals are happening and one could be happening now!

  2. I was reading Global Changes. It reminds me of last year when my class was learning about greenhouse gases. this book connects to the world when in Thailand here was a large tsunami in the area of Phuket. Global Changes reminds me of the movie journey to the centre of the earth because they travel through places that are going through droughts. This book also reminds me of the heat wave Australia had over the last summer. This is similar to the floods that happen all over the wold to day.

  3. I like text to world text to text and text to self because it is fun to hear other peoples crazy and fun adventures because you might have done the exact same thing.

    • It’s such a great book. Have you seen the movie? I think the book is better but it’s still a great film.

    • Hi Matthew, I’ve got the link to games through the ICT BLOG link. I’d love for you to spend time on the blog though and games after.

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