**** Performance is this week **** WOO HOO. It’s so exciting and the dances are looking SPECTACULAR!  On Tuesday the whole school will be heading to the Theatre to practise.  CAST A will be leaving at 9AM sharp so make sure you are at school by 8.45am so you don’t miss out.  CAST B will be heading down at 11.30AM.  It will be great to have a practise on the REAL stage.  No costumes are needed for this rehearsal.

Here is the updated video link for the whole year 3 performance to practice at home.

Here is the video for the year 3 Indonesian dance so you can practise at home.

I believe there is a slight change to the routine near the end, but we will re-record on Monday when we are back and upload the new version.


You would have all received your letter outlining what costume pieces you will need.


For Year 3 Cast B – Here are your t-shirt colours (GIRLS ONLY) If I have spelt your name wrong please let me know and I will change it.  You can email me at cabdilla@sdbundoora.catholic.edu.au

BLUE T-SHIRT:  Olivia, Guilia, Leah, Tiara, Jade, Julia, Amber, Mikayla

GREEN T-SHIRT:  Samantha, Christine, Anastasia, Arpita, Simone, Sofia, Alana

GIRLS: You all need black leggings or pants




Year 4 children

Girls and Boys will need to bring:

Black Bottoms (leggings or pants) and a plain T-Shirt in either RED, YELLOW or ORANGE


2 thoughts on “(2014)PERFORMANCE

  1. everyone was great in the performance. some people that really stood out were Jade, Sean, Anjelica, Jude, Luca and Patrick just to name a few. TO the others I ‘m not saying you were bad I’m just saying that maybe be a bit clearer to the audience.

  2. What an exellent night! The choir must’ve been really tired for staying up that late two nights in a row! I wouldn’t because I’m used to it, I stay up late on weekends! It was a night for everyone to enjoy.

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