Click a link to read an immigration story. After you have read the story list some facts from the text.  Then answer the following questions:

1. How would you feel in this situation?

2. Why did this person migrate? (refugee, better life, etc.)

3. Write a diary entry from this person’s perspective.


Christopher Tomlinson 

christopher T


Taam Sze Pui


Sarah Simpson

Sarah Simpson



Week 2, February 2015


The children have been exploring books and new ways in which to respond to them.  We are reading the class novel George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and have been drawing and writing descriptions about Grandma.  We also read Queenie which is a book about the famous Indian elephant who came to live at the Melbourne Zoo.  It was a sad story but it did give us a lot to think about.

Everyone now has their own Home Reading Journal complete with instructions.  It is a year level expectation to read for at least 15 minutes per night – 5 nights a week.  Each night, you need to fill in the grid and use the R.I.D.E.R process.  The recording of nightly reading starts on Monday 9 February.


We have been writing prayers for our morning prayer book and you have all done an amazing job.  Once all the pages are decorated I will finish laminating them and bind them into a book.

In WEEK 3, we will be writing snap shots, open minded portraits and doing lots more reading too.




The Treasure Box

We read the story title The Treasure Box by Margaret Wild.  It was a story about a boy and his father who fled their war torn town.  The two had to leave with only their suitcases and a very special book.   We discussed how something we treasure can be worth more than diamonds, rubies and gold because it has an emotional connection to us.  We then chose an activity to complete about the book, some of us chose snapshots of the characters fleeing, others chose to write about their own personal treasures and some wrote a letter from the young boys perspective.  We also discussed why we thought the author may have written this book and used our skills to think a little deeper than we are used to.

treasure box the-treasure-box-margaret-wild-freya-blackwood-2




This week one of our literacy groups will be reading the short novel The Three Little Pirates.  It’s a great story that leads into our Inquiry topic perfectly.  It’s a fantastic story and includes a map of the area the story is set in.  I can’t wait for you all to get reading.  Maybe someone from the group would like to review the book and post it on the blog.

The Three Little Pirates


UNCANNY – author Paul Jennings

Our class is reading short stories written by Paul Jennings.  The collection is called UNCANNY and is so old even I read it when I was at school!  So far we have read two of the stories and time always runs out leaving us all wanted to read more.  It’s great to see the children so engrossed by a book, and we are picking up good writing tricks too! I am also very impressed at the confidence of our readers and the show of hands when I ask who would like to read out loud.   A great read if you want to borrow from your local library.

photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2)


Another skill we have been learning is how to use and spell contractions properly.  We understand that the apostrophe goes into the spot where the missing letters would be.  Amazing work. Thank you to Grace, Michael’s mum who ran a small group teaching this skill.


PHOTOS of our work.

Andrew with his amazing persuasive writing.

Andrew with his amazing persuasive writing.


Alexis and Lidia with their Reading task based on a non-fiction book about elephants.

Alexis and Lidia with their Reading task based on a non-fiction book about elephants.


Persuasive writing.  This last week we have been looking at the craft of writing persuasively.   We discussed how using emotive language, rhetorical questions and clear statements/arguments help to convince a reader.  Using examples to back up our arguments also adds convincing detail and supports your stance on the topic.  If you have time on the holidays have a go at writing some.  You may want to try these:

School holidays should be longer.

Dog owners should pick up after their dogs.

Outdoor games are better than indoor games.

Super Mario games are better than Minecraft. (come on Adrian and Josh)

A gymnastic club should be started at St Damian’s Primary school.

HAVE I GOT ANYONE EXCITED YET? If you choose to give it a go remember your introduction, 2-3 paragraphs with one argument in each, a conclusion, lots of examples, rhetorical questions and emotive language.


click here to look at our story page.


SELF and PEER EDITING – The children have been learning to edit their own work to check it makes sense, has punctuation, the spelling is correct and that there are no omitted words.  We have also found it useful to check our friends work (peer editing) using a helpful check list.  We call this being a CRITICAL FRIEND.

peer editing

peer editing

peer editing

Sean and Jade using the checklist to peer edit. Great to see the dictionary out!! Well done

peer editing photo 2

The girls read and check each others work and use the checklist to help them.

The girls read and check each others work and use the checklist to help them.



justin work (2) justin work2 (2)

Here’s Justin with a draft and published piece of writing.  A great start to his Writer’s Gift which started as a little seed in his writer’s notebook.  Well done.  ** Spoiler alert – don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie, it gives the ending away. **


A fantastic piece of descriptive writing. Well done Jude

 A fantastic piece of descriptive writing. Well done Jude.

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  1. Wowsers, that took me over 30 minutes to work out how to upload a picture, rotate it and get a caption on. I’ll be an expert soon, I’m sure of it!

    • Superstar!! Remind me to put 3 stars on your chart on Monday. I just went and had a look and that website is great. It’s a thesaurus and so much more. What a helpful tool for us to use in class and at home.

  2. Dear Miss Abdilla,
    Since the other student won’t stop blabbering on about Minecraft I may have some reasons to persuade you. If it doesn’t…well it was worth a try I’ll have it for you soon on paper.
    From Adrian P

  3. Hi Miss Abdilla
    I know that we are not working on poetry now but I have found a website called suessville and it is a Dr Suess website. Here is the link: .Ohh um by the way I would really love to do a poetry topic soon. thanks.

  4. Dear Andrew,

    I love your writing piece, I love your hand writing as well, I can see why you got your pen licence, good job keep up the good handwritng,
    From Jude:)

    • Hi Madison
      We sure will be. I have added a poetry book to our classroom library. It’s the book that Anjelina’s mum wrote, you should have a read.

  5. Dear Mrs Brewer
    Thank You for letting us comment about our anzac snapshots I’m impressed that you made a comment. Thank you
    well done. I am much impressed.
    Luke 😀

  6. I JUST SAW THE THE MARIO IS BETTER THAN MINECRAFT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can bet that I am so going for Mario. I am starting to realy enjoy playing minecraft everyone at school is right minecraft is exellent, but I am not as huge as a fan as all minecraft fans in the class and considering I have played Mario way more and I am borrowing Mario galaxy 2 I will have to go with Mario.

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