(2014)Literacy – Stolen Generation snapshots

Mother’s perspective

I heard my child screaming while a different coloured person ripped my child away from my arms. My heart shattered, my tears poured like a flood.

Child’s perspective

I saw my mother crying in the distance. I wondered what they will do to me. I was lonely in the back of a car. I heard my mother praying to God. I was terrified.

By Anjelica


I am terrified my mum is on her knees praying to God. I am screaming and crying. My mum is trying to get the people off me. I am feeling so angry that I have been taken away.

By Justin G

Aboriginal Child

I’m grabbing onto my mum as hard as I can.  I try to get away.  I yell for help, I cry like mad, I’m terrified and I am taken away.  I wonder if I will ever see my family again.

 Aboriginal Mum

I see all these white people around us.  I grab onto my son as hard I can.  I try to hide him but they find him.  As they take my son away I kneel down and pray to God to one day see my son again.  I was heart broken.

By William

Every time I see my mum step after me a tear tumbles down my cheek.  Just thinking about her makes me burst into tears.  I look at her as she runs out of breath and stops running.  Strange people with white skin have taken me away from my mum! Where will they take me?

By Eleanor

Torn Away

I am ripped away from my parents and struggle to cling, I try to shout as loud as I can but the words won’t come out.  It was devastating, I try to kick the truck but it was too strong.  I was struggling while my heart shattered.

By Aleisha

Stolen Generation

Tears run down my face, my arm hangs out the truck my Mum is falling on her knees praying to God. She’s screaming loud as she can. I am hitting the side of the truck the men are saying some sort of secret language. I see all the other everything in the horizon is fading away. Children being taken away I’m terrified. Suddenly everything in the horizon is fading away.

By Patrick

All is lost – Aboriginal Child’s snapshot

I cling to my mother.  These strange white skinned people who talked in a strange language started pulling me away from my mother.  She tried holding me back with all of her strength and every muscle in her body.  They managed to get me, I tried reaching out for my mother but they pin her down.  All is lost.

By Adrian P

I am looking at my beautiful little child and can’t believe what is happening.  He was being ripped out of my arms.  His little face looked terrified. He was crying and screaming at the same time.  I felt scared and frightened not knowing what was going to happen.

By Luke

I go on my knees praying to God.  The white people run towards my child and handcuff me while I try to kick them.  The white people outside jumped into the car as the car makes a big gust of dirt.  I hear my child screaming, I hope he’s not lonely.  I could barely see my child.  He was in shock in the back seat of the car, heading into the horizon.

By Sean

With all my mother’s strength and all her muscles, she hugged me hard.  The white men pinned her to the ground and ripped me out of her arms. They marched towards their Ute and threw me into the back seat.  They sped out of my village.  My other fell to the ground and prayed to God. Tears rushed down my eyes like a flood. My view of my mother was fading away into the red sand. My heart was broken. I wondered what will happen to me. I was filled with fear.

By Justin T

Stolen Generation

I am fighting with every muscle in my body. I fall to my knees praying to the Lord. I hear my child screaming at the top of his lungs. I fear for my child’s future.

By Madison


As I clinged to my mother these weird white people that spoke this other language pulled me away after they pinned her to the ground and forced me into the car.

By Joshua

I was so heart broken. My mum fell on her knees and she was praying to God. She was crying like the earth flooded. I was being taken to the back seat of their car and they were grabbing me and I was struggling. Behind me the white people were yelling at my mum and I was screaming, kicking and hitting the white people because I wanted to go back to save my mum. But they were too strong for me and there was too many of them. There was no way back.

By Adrian S

Tears well up in my eyes as I can’t hold on anymore ‘back off’ I try to say but I can’t. My son will be gone with strange white people. I use all my might and try to hold on but I just can’t. Finally I yell but it is no use. My son is taken away as I fall on my knees and pray to the lord.

By Tiara

I am shouting to my mum. I want her back! My mother falls down onto her knees, praying to God. She is screaming and so am I. Tears bucketing down her face. Her face turns pale, she is miserable. This man is speaking a weird language. I am screaming from the trailer. Then I saw the man was white. I didn’t just got pulled away from mum, it is from my mob.

By Anastasia

My mum is holding me with all her might but then the people who were white and speak in a different language they took me in the their truck, my family was screaming and they were scared. I waved my hand out of the truck I could see my mum’s tears rolling down her face, I was terrified because I didn’t know what was going to happen next or where they taking me. I knew that I was in danger.

By Jade

I am screaming as loud as I can. I am being ripped away from my family. Tears roll down my cheek as I see my family do the same. I am petrified to see someone taking me away. My mum is pulling as hard as she can. The man is pulling me on one of my arms and my mum is pulling on the other. My arms are aching. Then suddenly my mum loses her grip! The man pulls me and throughs me into the car. I scream so loud that my throat hurts. I wonder what the man is going to do to do.

By Sienna

Stolen Generation

With my last breath, I fought against the Europeans.  I punched and kicked but it had no effect on him.  I was really weak but I could never stop.  I must defend my child.  Finally, I couldn’t do anything.  They took my child.  I fell flat on my knees and prayed to God.  I saw them take my child and throw him in the car.  I saw and hear him crying.  Will I ever see my child again?

By Michael

The Aborigines

As these strange men dressed in strange clothes rolled up in front of my door, I felt scared.  They stepped out of their car.  They ripped me away from my mums grip.  They pinned my mum to the ground as they drove me away.  I saw my mum at the back of the truck, praying desperately on her knees for help from the Lord.  Tears are pouring down my face causing a flood in the truck.  I saw the angry sneer on the white man’s face.  My heart had melted like jelly.  As the truck drove away, I saw other children being taken away from their families.  The truck drove away even more as I saw my tribe fade away on the horizon.

By Andrew


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  1. Absolutely fantastic effort 3/4 A students. Your reflections are so powerful. I am very impressed. Enjoy the school events during Reconciliation week!

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