15 thoughts on “LINK to LEARNING

  1. hi mrs Bruce,
    I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you for this blog and as I said I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!

    • Thanks Aidan
      I hope you learn lots of new things. Check out the snapshots from last year, they might give you some inspiration.
      Mrs Bruce

      • hi Mrs Bruce,
        thanks for the advice and just to tell YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD!!!!!
        ps don’t tell any of the other teachers that I said that and I really like your blog
        thanks Aidan!

  2. Hi Aidan
    How is SumDog going. That was lots of fun playing against class members. Thanks for your kind words too.
    Mrs Bruce

    • Hi Mrs Bruce,
      I was wondering why other class members don’t talk on the blog and why is it just me and by the way I love doing the graphing.

  3. Hi Mrs bruce,
    I really like this blog but just for a little feedback maybe you should get ABCya ( it is awesome)
    see you Aidan

  4. hi Mrs Bruce
    I understand the message on the front page with the Jesus story about the flames on the heads
    from aidan

    • hi Mrs Bruce,
      how are you? im writing to tell you that i am sorry that I havent been talking to you on the blog much. hopefully I will talk a bit more.

  5. Hi Mrs Bruce,
    I love this blog. It has lots of cool and awesome things and it is fun how we have fun in class and on the blog too.
    From Christine

  6. Dear Mrs Bruce
    I have enjoyed making new and diffrent links in reading such as link to world. I think this idea is great because it gets you thinking outside the box and explain it in a diffrent way.
    The hardest one out of text to world, text to text and text to self is text to text. This is hard because it has to be spot on in some way of plot or characters in a movie or book. I think this is a great thing to use in class.
    From Gabriel

  7. Dear Mrs Bruce
    I love the blog there are some cool things on it. I think that every body will love it as soon as they go on it.

    From Julia s

  8. Hi Mrs Bruce,
    Even though it’s nearly the end of the year, I’m still can’t wait to look at your 2016 blog!
    You are a fantastic teacher. I’m happy that your going to be at St.Damians next year. Your my last teacher at school!
    from Ella Power

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