Week 2, February 2015

Our Term 1 Inquiry unit is titled


We have started exploring the idea of a Super Hero in the real world.  Who are they and what are their qualities.

Class discussion and brainstorm.

*********************************************************   Ducksters


Here’s a 15 minute video about Vasco Da Gama

Christopher Colombus video (12 minutes)


20 May.  HANDS-ON SCIENCE incursion!

Today the children attended the Hands-On Science incursion.  Charlie demonstrated five experiments and the class got to test them out themselves after making PREDICTIONS (educated guesses). Watch the videos below to see hear some explanations and to watch the children in action.

More videos to be uploaded

The Balloon Rocket experiment

IMG_5355 IMG_5356 IMG_5350 IMG_5332 IMG_5327 IMG_5316


Coming up in week 5 – The balloon rocket experiment and the Hands-On Science Incursion happening on Tuesday morning! Woo

15 May.  Research and Experiments

The students in 3/4A have been reading science books all about Force and Motion.  We have found out about Sir Isaac Newton, Scientist Galileo and his experiment off the Leaning Tower of Pisa and lots more.  It was interesting to read about friction and air resistance and how car designers use science to help make their cars faster.

We also discussed the Scientific Process and conducting an experiment according to this.  We made paper helicopters and created a base test  noting our observations. Then we decided to change one element of the test (such as height helicopter was dropped from, length of the propeller blades, or even attaching a paper clip to make it heavier) and hypothesise what would happen.  Then we conducted the trial, and wrote down our observations.  It was lots of fun and some results where very interesting.



Our first lessons have been brainstorming in a ‘bus stop’ rotation about what we know about FRICTION, WIND FORCE, DIRECT FORCE, and GRAVITY.  We can up with lots of questions and wonderings.  On Tuesday we will conducting our own experiment so we can start looking at the Scientific Process.


Yes you guessed it! Our new topic is Forces and Movement! I can’t wait to get experimenting and reporting our findings.



Have a look at the pictures and have a guess what you think our New Inquiry Topic will be….

kiteballs magnet car ramp baseball








Welcome to our Inquiry page – and a huge G’day to the 4th grade Chargers from St Damian’s in Michigan USA!!!  We can’t wait for you to see the work we have been preparing.  There are power point presentations, quizzes and even a drawing tutorial (coming).  Take a look and let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from you.

Activity 1 – the Quiz!   QUIZ – Backgrounds

Here is some information about the backgrounds of the students in our class. Backgrounds

*** NEW UPLOAD ***  Have a look at our Sports presentation.  This link will take you to you tube to view it.

Information Power Point about our school! Our Teachers

MINECRAFT – The Ultimate Guide How to play Minecraft.

**** NEW UPLOAD ******  Do you love drawing? We do!  Click here if you want to see a drawing tutorial  it’s on you tube!



29 thoughts on “Inquiry

  1. Hello all! This is Mrs. Rourke from Michigan. I just took a look at your power point for the school. I was just speaking with my students to brainstorm how to share with you and we just might do a quick tour of our “home” for you as well. We are also just beginning an “If I Were in Charge of the World” poem that we will share. Easter blessings to you all! We are off for Easter vacation from the 16th to the 28th.

    • Hi! Great to hear from you. We are on Easter break at the moment. I’m uploading a couple more presentations today (they are so big that I have to put them on YouTube). Miss Abdilla

      • Great! We will look for them when we return. Today is poetry cafe day where the students in all my lit. classes recite poetry. Great, fun way to end our week.

  2. Sorry for the late comment but thanks Adrian for telling me how to put a link up and thanks for putting carrotsticks on.
    From Jude:)

  3. Dear Eric How did you feel when you held Pendlebury’s hand? Did you feel happy, excited, shy, confident or nervous? Did you feel scared standing in front of so many people?

  4. Dear Miss Abdilla,
    How do you continue your Powerpoint on your computer if you’ve done it at school and dont have Powerpoint 2010 if you’ve done that because i cant do it on the USB if i’ve done it at school already?

    From Jude.

    • Hi Jude
      If you don’t have PowerPoint at home you won’t be able to amend it. If you have an older or newer version it should still work. If you don’t have it at all, you can use Monday morning to finish it off on the class laptop.
      Miss Abdilla

  5. Dear Miss Abdilla,
    I’m going to share mine tomorrow whenever I can,
    and by the way I couldn’t find my school shoes so I have my sport shoes and also because of Athletics,

    From jude.

  6. Dear Miss Abdilla,
    I didn’t get time to do my PowerPoint presentation because I had to go to edu kingdom straight away. After that, we went to piano lessons. When we came back home we had dinner. I forgot about the presentation. I did some work and then I just remembered about my science presentation. Our computer has PowerPoint but it is Chinese. My dad and mum couldn’t help me because the don’t use it much so they are not familiar with it and I don’t know much of the Chinese on the computer screen.
    From Michael

  7. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s board game .
    Some peoples that I’m planning to play are Jude, Sean, Patrick, Jade, Luca, Josh and Anjelica

  8. Me too Andrew,
    I’m also looking forward to see yours,I think it’s a great idea and I hope all of them get finished and look awesome!:)
    From Jude.

  9. OMG I haven’t been on the inq for a long time now!
    Anyway, I have been drowning in inquiry work for the whole week because the info report was due today. What I’m excited about is next years inquiry topic! I hope it’s geography because that’s my favourite topic of all!!

    • Aleisha your Comic Book was amazing! Well done for working so hard and getting both your presentation and information report in on time. Well done.

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