(2014)Edendale Writing


By Justin T

 ‘B-ba, ba.’ Along the dusty road, I walked as I as filled with wonder, I wanted to explore this extraordinary place. As my group and I walked up and down hills soon we encounted loud noises, from the corner of my eye I spotted a white and fluffy cloud. This cloud was faster than any other, and it had four skinny legs. It took me a while to notice what it was. Soon the time came to get closer into their encloser. The door slammed closed. Soon I began to notice that as the wind blew, huge the trees beamed over me. As we patted the creatures, their fur softened my skin. To my relief our time was over.  Here we learnt a lot about at Edendale Farm.


Edendale Farm

On a very pleasant day at Edendale Farm, we did 4 cool activities! Our
first one was worms, second, we did seed growing, Load of Rubbish them the

The worm activity taught us all about worms and that they poop soil! And
also there sweat, which is called worm tea! Also I realised that you can
see its gut (A.K.A a pipe that the food goes down. Some worms eat animal
poop! Yuck! We got to hold them and mine went crazy!

For seed growing we learnt all about seed growing and loads of different
plants, veggies and fruit. The best two parts were being able to smell the
mint and growing our own plants. We grew bush beans. We also got to take
them home.

For load of rubbish, Carolyn told us about recycling and which piece of
rubbish goes in which bin. There were five options, compost, other,
recycling, green and charity. She tipped out a ‘ load of rubbish’  and we
needed to sort it out into the five bins.

The tour was lovely, thanks for asking! We got to pet some animals and we
got to feed the chickens one of them thought my finger was a seen! But I
loved it!

So that was our day at the farm! One of the best things was that it was a
lovely day!!



At  Edendale  Farm I learnt about healthy eating, worms ,recognising plants and how to help our planet.

We learnt how to plant our own seeds and how your home-grown food is fresh. I was amazed to find  out that home –grown food is healthier than the shops food, because you don’t know what they have been eating and they might of sprayed chemicals on them. But if you have your own animals you know what they have been eating. After that we went through this magical garden it had Vietnamese mint, normal mint, flowers, potatoes, beetroot, silverbeet, spring onions, onions and beans. It was the best day ever.


EDENDALE Farm by Adrian S

When I first went in I speechless about what animals we saw. My first impression was WOW! I’ve never seen anything like this before, I just felt impressed of such beautiful animals and plants. So then we went into our groups to check out the amazing animals was the slimy icky worms that we had to hold. My first impression was OMG! I am holding a worm in my own hands I just felt disgusted of what I was holding.

“Cluck, cluck” I waddled all the way through the paddock on the soft grass.

My colleague’s, the hens pecked away on the children’s hands “Bok, uh okay” I clucked and then I waddled on.

Then I the ducks, our relatives from a DIFFERENT country “QUACK, hello” said the ducks “Cock-a-doodle-doo to you” I say clucking, and continued flapping my wings.

“Gobble, gobble doo” cried the Turkey dancing “Bok! Yolo, how are you?” I said

“I am fine” said the Turkey

“Okay, I’m going to go now” so I did.

Every time I flap around the farm paddock, I always think once, twice, even three and four times and then I say to myself “I love Eden dale Farm!”

I am a rooster             By Aleisha

EDENDALE – by Andrew

As I stepped out of the bus and took my first step on the dusty path, it reminded me of going to the temple in Vietnam. Crossing the metal bridge over the muddy smelly water reminded me when I crossed the bridge over the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Walking over the magical grass reminded me when I went walking on the Dandenong Ranges. Colours of nature surrounded me. Trees as tall as the Eureka Tower towered above me. A colourful rainbow appeared before me but this was no ordinary rainbow this rainbow was made of recycled material. At recess time the helper’s brought out the Guinea Pigs. As soon as I started feeding the Guinea Pigs grass I knew they liked it. Once I accidentally left my hand in the guinea pig enclosure for too long. So they bit it. Edendale Farm is such an environmentally friendly farm. I had learnt so much at my experience at Edendale Farm. I WAS AT EDENDALE FARM!!!!!

Edendale Farm by Patrick

As I kneel down right next to my friend my eyes nearly pop out of my head. I have just seen the cutest guinea pigs in the world there names were Jaslin, Bubbles, Hairy Mary and Rose. I picked some grass of the ground and put it in the cage and they all started nibbling at it. There was a little hole in the roof of the cage, I look through and saw bubbles and Jaslin snuggling up it was so cute. I really enjoyed my time at EDENDALE FARM!!!

Edendale Farm

When the bus stopped and parked and opened the door I went straight out the door and lined up with my mum and my best friend Anjelica. I walked across the long bridge then I heard a sound “ba ba” it was a sheep

When went in I saw lots of different animals. I felt exited because of all the animals. I had a wonderful time at Edendale Farm!!!!!!!!!!

By Jade

 A snapshot by Anjelica

As I walked around the dusty path I saw a honey comb type of animal. As the wind went past the honey comb animal bowed down beneath the towering trees.  The animal ate some juicy green grass I smelt the smell of rosemary. It filled me up with joy. I wanted to see if there would be any more herbs or spices, so I followed the wonderful smell and it led to a herb and spice place. As I walked around I smelt the beautiful foods, it filled me up with happiness throughout  the day.

Edendale Farm by Jude

“Crunch,” as I took my first leap onto the dusty road with the sound of
chickens all around me. “Bok Bok Bok,” eventually I stepped into a magical
garden of bright green grass , brighter than the sun. As I looked around,
I spotted trees launching over me, It was a great moment at Edendale Farm.

Edendale Farm snapshot

“Baa.” I wait behind the class as we get ready to go in the gate. The
whole class has waited for this moment. We are so excited to be doing
this. As the class excitedly crowds around the baby goats, I feel joyful.
I start patting one, it stops walking and I suddenly how cute it is!

Edendale farm trip

At Edendale farm I learnt about saving the planet and growing seeds. The first activity we had was worms.  We learnt all about worms, like what they eat (poo) and how they turn it into soil which is great for the garden.  They can do the same thing with food scraps and it makes soil which is good for the garden too.  Then we went to go look at some worm farms and they were huge.  There were big slugs. Then we did the activity ‘growing seeds’.  We learnt to grow your own food is more organic than the food you buy at supermarkets.  Then we walked around a big garden.  It had lots of plants and food in the garden, like rosemary, broccoli and way more.  Next we went back and grew our own food, they were Bush Beans.  First we put the soil, then we put the seed. Then we did ‘Saving the Planet’, it was all about keeping the planet safe.  So you have to buy what will benefit the planet like buying things that can be recycled so less things go to landfill.  We had a task sorting things like disposable  and reusable nappies.  We chose reusable nappies because it is better because a normal nappy will take 500 years to break down!

Farm Tour.

On the farm tour we met lots of animals.  The first animal we saw were baby goats.  They were so cute.  One was called Luca Junior, then we saw two other goats and I fed them.  Then we saw the male goat.  It was behind an electric fence so it can’t get out.  Next we went to the chickens and it hurt my hand when I fed them.

By Luca


Snapshot Edendale Farm

On the 10th of October our class went to Edendale Farm.  When we were on
the bus I wondered what they’ll have in store for me.  Then we arrived at
Edendale Farm.  When we crossed the bridge it reminded me of the bridge I
crossed at the zoo.  The first activity we went to was the worms.  The
lady talked about worms.  I was amazed how worms can save the planet.
What grossed me out was that worms eat poo! They also use their sweat to
make worm tea.  Worm tea helps plants grow and some plants even have
muscles.  It was a great day and I really enjoyed patting the baby goats.
By Phillip

Edendale farm by Sean

“Bok bok bok ’’. As I walked across the filthy path the noises became more clear . When we turned the corner something caught my eye, 10 little babies . The cute, fluffy and cuddly chicks waddled by . I wondered what they had planed for us today. The trees beamed over me, and plants were coming from the ground . I smelt something stinky and I realised what it was. I stepped over the steaming pile of horse manure. Suddenly the sun shined like gold on the colourful  buildings , it was going to be a good day.


Snapshot  by Lidia
“Baaa.”  As I walk down this dusty path a big, white, fluffy cloud with
arms and legs walks past me making a terrible noise. “Baaa.”  I look
around, and see all these terrified creatures.  I smell chicken feed and
horse poo.  I think it stinks really, really bad.


The worms by Jonathan
The worms wriggled like they were stressed. Diane showed us how important
worms were. She said they make worm tea. That was good for watering
plants. There were these types of worms that were good for the soil. I
found out worm sweat was actually worm tea. There was a worm farm and I
found out worms suitable with 20oC. We were allowed to hold the worms even
thought they were disgusting. We had to make our hands damp and if they
were stressed you would put your hand like a shade. That part was the
funniest in Edendale farm.

 A snapshot by Michael

As I walked across the rocky path with dust, I heard lots of chicken sounds. There were quite a few animal. I saw chickens everywhere. Near the chickens were some ducks and an enormous turkey. On the other side of the fences trapping the chickens were other animals making sounds. The fences were so big that only the horses could reach over them. I was at Edendale Farm. It was an excursion and Mark was taking us on a tour.

Snapshot – by Josh

As I walked on the dusty road I saw beautiful well grown plants sprouted
high into the sky. I could hear the sound of animal’s cheeping and baaing.
I wondered what was in store for today. Soon to find myself in a pen with
hungry animals. Long pens with chickens and turkeys in them and flower
beds surrounded me.

Edendale Farm Snapshot

As I take my first step off the bus I hear sheep and chickens. As I walk along the dusty path I see sheep, chickens and tiny little guinea pigs.



Edendale farm  – Eric

As I was walking down the dusty path I could hear people talking it was getting louder every step I took. Trees towering over my head, I got to Edendale farm as I walked into the farm I could smell lavender the smell filled my nostrils. Then I moved on I was wondering what Edendale farm had planned for as how knows.


Snapshot Edendale

As I got off the rowdy bus I was feeling excited and eager to start my
adventure. I could hear curious noises that sounded like an “oink oink”
and “baa baa”. All around me were enormous tress and I could smell mint
plants. We held worms and they could stretch and contract. The worms eat
vegetables peel and scraps and live in a compost bin.


Edendale farm snapshot!

‘’ Bok, Bok, Bok’’ I sang, while I was walking along, looking out for different creatures. What will I do today? Will there be a snake? Will I feed an animal? Suddenly I saw a huge butterfly! It was a beautiful orange and brown butterfly. Next to the butterfly I saw a colourful rainbow. Yep you know it I was at Edendale farm.

 By Tiara

Edendale Farm Snapshot
“Swoosh!” Dust is blowing into my eyes. I stand on the dusty path. I hear
stomping from every ones feet. Some rocks fill the air and smash to the
ground. ”Brok ,Bah, Neh.” Was I at a farm? Yes, I was at a farm, Edendale
farm. I wonder what the animals have in stall for us?
by Sienna

Edendale Farm!  by TALIA

At Edendale farm we learnt about healthy eating, Worms< recognizing plants and how to take care of our planet.

We learnt how to plant our own seeds and we even saw plants that were different colour. Everyone had a great time, at the last activity everyone was excited because we went on a farm tour and we got to feed goats, chickens and see the pony. We got to take home our plants that we planted. It was fun that we got to take home the plants because we don’t need to pay for them we just need to take it. At the end everyone said goodbye and they said a few things then we went back to our school and wrote a few things down and then went home.


Edendale Farm

As I walked along the dusty pathway the buildings are becoming familiar. I wonder what we would do today. As I walked along, trees towered above us. Around us are lots of unfamiliar plants. Lots of colours beamed off the bright coloured walls. Lots of brightly coloured plants sprouted from the ground.

by Madison



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