Weeks 5, 6 and 7

Pardon my tardiness for not posting sooner but it has been a super busy 3 weeks!  So here is an update…

We have been working hard getting stuck into finding out about Reconciliation and Lent.  We have discussed two parables – one was the Good Samaritan and the other was the Forgiving Father.  We have looked at the messages in the stories and realised one is about ‘loving your neighbour’ and the other was about ‘forgiveness’.  It was interesting to see the responses from all of the classmates and see how the children interpreted the story.  Some of the responses were absolutely amazing and the storyboards look fabulous.

IMG_7615 IMG_7614

In Maths we have been focussing on addition.  The strategies that we have looked at include using tens and units with unifix, a number line, 100 square, vertical algorithm, and rounding.  All of these are different strategies that we can apply to problems. Some work better for certain sums but we need to choose what we are comfortable in using.  We have also looked at finding the perimeter of an object by adding all the side lengths.

So for example, how would you solve the following problem:

Tommy has 46 football cards and gets 25 more for his birthday, how many does he have altogether?

HARDER: There are 30 children in the class. I need to buy some laptops so the children can share one laptop between a pair. Each laptop cost  $400.  How much money would the set cost?

EXPERT: Same question as above but each laptop costs $115

IMG_7605 (1)

LITERACY – we finished George’s Marvellous Medicine and now we are reading THE WITCHES! It’s so exciting.  We are getting to the part where George and his Grandmamma move from Norway to England.

IMG_7604 IMG_7602

In Literacy we have been writing narratives, and procedural texts.  We have been publishing our work and starting our ‘Writer’s Gift” displays.  We log all of our written work on our log sheet so we can keep up to date with our work.

In Reading we have been using the Debono hats and lots of visualising.  We made posters about “How to Recognise a Witch”.  We used labels to show the parts of the witch to look out for. (see pictures above)

Home Reading Journals are in full swing and everyone is doing a great job adding lots of details to their comments and drawings.


Inquiry – The children have been discussing RIGHTS and CONSEQUENCES.  We discussed how we don’t all have the same rights across the world.  We watched a Martin Luther King rap on you tube and learnt about segregation (click here to watch and listen again).  The children were shocked to hear how people were treated differently due to the colour of their skin.

IMG_7597 IMG_7593 IMG_7598 IMG_7599 IMG_7583 IMG_7582 (1) IMG_7584 IMG_7585 IMG_7586


Week 3 and 4

LENT begins.

Today is Shrove Tuesday and we spoke of the history and significance of this day.  The children had a discussion about giving something up, or doing something more during Lent.  It is important to remember Jesus and His sacrifice for us.

Reading – We have looked at Fact finding, summarising and visualising our thinking.  The children have also explored the concept of Debono’s Six Thinking Hats.  It was a fun exercise with familiar books.  Some children looked at narratives about Dinosaurs that can’t fly, Horribilly the clumsy ogre, Dog’s with Sore Paws and children with special Shrinking Machine watches! Others read about the Bermuda Triangle.  I am impressed with the confidence of the children and how much they are willing to share their findings with the class.

Writing – It’s been fabulous watching our Writer’s Notebooks develop.  The children looked at a newspaper clipping of a dog being rescued and have started writing different pieces about this (news reports, narratives, poems).  They have also looked at some fun pictures of pancakes and attempted to write an imaginative piece about them.

Maths – Our focus has been place value and addition.  The children have been working hard to learn new strategies and share their findings.  We have also covered Odd and Even numbers and ordering of numbers.

Inquiry – The children have looked at the qualities and virtues of Super Heroes and how we can adopt these qualities in the way in which we live to make the world a better place.

Religion – Ash Wednesday Mass will be held tomorrow, some children from our class will be reading the Prayers of the Faithful.  In class we have been exploring the theme “Jesus asks us to be the hope for a better tomorrow”.  The children have looked at the parable of the Good Samaritan and storyboarded this.

A New Year and a New Class

Wow week 1 and 2 are over already – time flies when you’re having fun!

It has been excellent getting to know all of super students in 3/4A.  We are a bunch of intelligent, energetic, caring and charismatic characters.

What I have learnt so far:

-We have children with pet lizards, dogs, cockatoos and cats.

-We have lots of artists.

-Our class has children who love to sing and dance (including two break-dancers)

-We have lots of children who are interested in animals and Australian Wildlife.


I am very excited to be working with you all.

Miss Abdilla

class photo Luke’s birthday photo!


Week 2, working together and making new friends.

Week 2, working together and making new friends.

Hello 2015

Happy New Year! Who’s excited to get back to school and meet their new teachers? I am having a fun holiday and I’ve already spotted some St Damian’s children out and about (even Jonathan at the supermarket!).

I’m going to the Gold Coast next week so I can revisit all the fun I had at the theme parks as a kid. Is anyone else going away?

It’s nearly Christmas!

Only two more sleeps until Christmas day. What have you all been doing so far? I have been eating lots of chocolate, crostoli, biscuits and panettone (thanks to all the goodies I received). I’ve also been wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas day. Right now I’m watching a program about elephants listening to piano music. The elephants love it!!


Well done on a fabulous Advent prayer service that you all put on. We had lots of feedback from teachers and parents commending the service. Lots of special comments about how amazing Lidia’s solo was and how beautiful the unofficial choir group were.

My Christmas tree!

My Christmas tree!

My mum and I and the White chocolate cake I made her.

My mum and I and the White chocolate cake I made her.



A castle Sean visited in Carlow.

A castle Sean visited in Carlow.


Sean and his brother making chocolate mould Santas.

Sean and his brother making chocolate mould Santas.


Week 9 and 10

Christmas is fast approaching and we are still going full steam ahead.  Sean is off to Ireland, Leah is lapping it up in India and we are preparing for our Advent Prayer Service.

Our song Joyful Joyful is coming together and I have just edited the track so it’s ready to sing to.  I will attempt to add the file to this blog so you can practise at home!  The solo is the first part and then at 1 minute 15 seconds the rest of us join in. Let’s see if this link works

Lots of Christmas activities to do this week as well as our Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Our Christmas activities include making a Christmas bauble, a calendar for 2015 and painting a canvas.   They should make lovely home made gifts.

Kris Kringle presents will be given out in the last week. Remember there is a $5 limit but you don’t have to spend anything at all, you can make something for your person.

Here’s to a fabulous last week and a half!

photo 4 (3) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (4) photo 1 (4)photo 5 (2)

Week 7 & 8

Hi everyone, what a great week it was last week.  It couldn’t have been any better; a pizza lunch and Sports Day.

Week 8 will be focussed on getting our Inquiry Projects finished so we can start presenting in Week 9.  I can’t believe next week will be DECEMBER!

We wish Leah a happy last week before she jets of to INDIA! I can’t wait to see photos and get emailed updates.

We also welcome Jude’s brother to our class as he will be doing some work experience at St Damian’s.