Week 3 and 4

LENT begins.

Today is Shrove Tuesday and we spoke of the history and significance of this day.  The children had a discussion about giving something up, or doing something more during Lent.  It is important to remember Jesus and His sacrifice for us.

Reading – We have looked at Fact finding, summarising and visualising our thinking.  The children have also explored the concept of Debono’s Six Thinking Hats.  It was a fun exercise with familiar books.  Some children looked at narratives about Dinosaurs that can’t fly, Horribilly the clumsy ogre, Dog’s with Sore Paws and children with special Shrinking Machine watches! Others read about the Bermuda Triangle.  I am impressed with the confidence of the children and how much they are willing to share their findings with the class.

Writing – It’s been fabulous watching our Writer’s Notebooks develop.  The children looked at a newspaper clipping of a dog being rescued and have started writing different pieces about this (news reports, narratives, poems).  They have also looked at some fun pictures of pancakes and attempted to write an imaginative piece about them.

Maths – Our focus has been place value and addition.  The children have been working hard to learn new strategies and share their findings.  We have also covered Odd and Even numbers and ordering of numbers.

Inquiry – The children have looked at the qualities and virtues of Super Heroes and how we can adopt these qualities in the way in which we live to make the world a better place.

Religion – Ash Wednesday Mass will be held tomorrow, some children from our class will be reading the Prayers of the Faithful.  In class we have been exploring the theme “Jesus asks us to be the hope for a better tomorrow”.  The children have looked at the parable of the Good Samaritan and storyboarded this.

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